Nebrus: Exta Malorvme

Hailing from what seem to be the darkest reaches of the earth is Nebrus and crawling out form the shadows with them is their newest blasphemous offering titled Exta Malorvm. Nebrus themselves are a pretty interesting black metal band as they do play in the vein of that raw and traditional black metal, they just […]

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Goatblood: Veneration of Armaggedon

Bestial black metal heathens Goatblood are back with a brand new blasphemous record titled Veneration of Armageddon. This new offering is eighteen songs long and roughly forty minutes of nothing but soul shredding and flesh ripping black metal. Veneration of Armageddon is a maelstrom of metal that attacks from all sides and provides you with whiplash inducing […]

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Skewered: Deathmethyltryptamine

Skewered’s anticipated follow up release for their 2012 effort has finally arrived and it’s packed to the bursting point with purely savage and disgusting death metal. Deathmethyltryptamine is the title of this new record and twelve new songs make an appearance and try to rip your head off. This record is brutalizing and completely face shredding and […]

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The Human Condition: Pathways

The debut album by doom dealers The Human Condition Pathways is packed with seven songs of wonderfully dark and dismal doom.Each song on this record is just as abysmal and bleak as the last and the more that you listen, the more you become encompassed in a pitch black cloud. As soon as you begin listening […]

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Cowards: Still

When it comes to hardcore, the sound that you expect to get is violent and in your face, and with Cowards that is exactly what you get and then some. Still is the name of their newest EP and if offers up five total songs, three being original and two being covers. Throughout this release you […]

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