Hammerhands: Largo Forte

After giving Hammerhands a listen, I can say that Hammerhands is the appropriate name for this band. They can’t be called anything other than Hammerhands and if they were it wouldn’t match up with the heavy that these guys bring. Stylistically they play in the vein of doom but add so much more to it […]

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Fetters: S/T

Describing themselves as death industrial and living up to that title is Fetters. While there is more industrial elements in their music than there is death metal, Fetters still provides you with a harrowing dissonant listen that just about sucks all of the light out of whatever room you are in. With this release Fetters […]

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Mindkult: Witch’s Oath

What you see above is the cover to Mindkult’s debut EP Witch’s Oath. Witch’s Oath is four total songs that have a run time of about twenty-four minutes, and within those twenty plus minutes is music that is rocking, bluesy, moody and heavy. Mindkult plays a style of doom rock that is utterly captivating and smooth […]

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