Heavydeath: In Circles We Die

Sometimes the name of a band really does capture the sound of the music in which that band plays, and that is exactly the case for Heavydeath. Their name fits their style of music perfect and if the band were named anything different, it just wouldn’t cut it. Heavydeath combines both doom and death metal […]

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Jagged Mouth: Louring

Jagged Mouth may be a relatively new band to the scene, but they know how to blow up your speakers and rattle your brain straight out of your head still. Louring is the title of their debut full length and it consists of five brain numbing and reality altering blackened doom songs. This release not only aims […]

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Warfist: Metal to the Bone

Black metal as well as thrash are chaotic and whiplash inducing genres naturally, and when you combine the two together what you get is something that isn’t just whiplash inducing, but also brain damaging since you can’t control how hard you headbang. With that being said, Metal to the Bone is the newest offering from Warfist […]

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Remote: Resilient

Hailing from France is Remote, and their style of play is hardcore mixed with dark noise and the sound that you get when those two are combined is something that is entirely chaotic and shredding. Not only does Remote try to destroy you with the sheer intensity of hardcore, but they also try to destroy […]

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Ruptured Birth: Transmutant

Ruptured Birth is on the verge of rupturing your ear drums with their new and debut full length titled Transmutant. Ruptured Birth was first formed in 2014 and their debut EP titled Arachni Supremacy was released the year after in 2015, and now two years after their inception, Ruptured Birth is set to release their bludgeoning […]

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Aggravator: Sterile Existence

Out today is Sterile Existence from thrash monsters Aggravator, and if you are looking for some good neck twisting, violent and utterly destructive thrash, then you don’t have to look any further than this record right here. Sterile Existence is nine total songs of pure thrash that just about kicks your teeth out every chance it gets […]

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